Organizing events is no cake walk and can be a monumental task. Check out these 10 tips that can help event organizer cope up and keep everything moving smoothly.

Define the format and purpose

Make your goals as specific as you possibly can and define what your purpose is – impart knowledge to attendees; a fund raising; expressing gratitude to partners or simply offer aesthetic pleasure to guest. The format and theme of your event will depend on those definitions – the concept, time and duration, layout, catering, sound and distribution of roles in the team.

Pay enough attention to your planning

Create a shareable document that is accessible to your team where they can see their tasks along with the tasks of others to see how the project is coming along. After preparing your main list of tasks, break them down in to
specific steps to show details of what must be completed. Set also a timeframe for every step to ensure you and your team meets deadlines.Include also in your plans the content, promotion and logistics of the event.

Include into your budget unexpected situations

Allocate budget to the list of tasks that you have. It is important to have a back-up plan for unexpected things and a back-up budget to support that. Anticipate what might go wrong and plan ahead.

Consider every small detail

Exceed your attendees’ expectations by creating impact in the ordinary things. Think about every small detail like the music, your presentations, convenience of registration, the way your team dresses, an interesting photo booth, etc. Offer to the valuable content like watching informative videos or even playing games after they register.

Scout your location and have a backup plan

Before booking a venue, thoroughly check everything for problems or lacking facilities like restroom for the handicapped, or doors that can’t fit equipment. Know these details in advance and have back up venue in case of unexpected situations.

Allocate tasks

Distribute responsibilities and tasks among your team during the preparation stages and the actual event date itself. Place your teams per zone like the registration, greeting the speakers, checking the equipment, communication
with the press, catering, etc. Every team member must have a responsibility throughout the event. Hand out documents that specify who is assigned to which, and what responsibilities every person has.

Spread the word about your event

Successfully promoting an event requires time for people to fully absorb. Define what the event is about, the target audience, your resources and budget to determine your marketing approach. Choose media partners that can target your specific audience. Also, use a single key message that you will broadcast on all your promotions where it conveys what the event is all about.

Do a final run through a day before the event

Create a checklist for your final run through that you can share with your team so that they understand each and every one of their responsibilities and tasks foe their respective areas. Do a final check on the equipment, the printed materials, the visuals and audio. Ensure all important guests have been invited and that the attendees and participants are informed on how to get to the venue. Print out an event program so that your team knows the flow of the event, and assign a point person to communicate for emergencies.

Pay attention to service

Attendees usually remember their experience during the event, so how you and your staff treat them is very important. Remember to be friendly to the partners, speakers and participants. Assist them with any question or problem with a smile even though you are already tired and stressed and things are going wrong.

Ask for feedback

Ask your attendees to answer a quick survey either before the event ends or online when they get home. Ask for their assessment in the different parts of the event and the different aspects like the location, vendors, audio and visuals, speakers and the overall event. This information is what you will use to ensure that your next event will be a better one