Online Casino Getting Better With Time

People most probably choose online casinos as the option when it comes to gamble. It is very convenient and fun, besides giving more benefits in terms of bonuses and rewards. Online casinos are now constantly adding features that players can use. It is to make sure the players become familiar with it to ensure they will come again the next time.

What are exactly the features that are being added? There are a few to list such as chatroom, user friendly interface, and many more, all for the players to be more comfortable while playing. This will also increase the traffic to the online casino which will even give the players some extra benefits for themselves.

Other than that, let’s check out what are the current features that have been added in online casinos.

Multiple Screen Slots

The main current features that online casinos have over land-based casinos is that players have the freedom to switch from one game to another without leaving the comfort of their seats. If you are looking to play more than one casino game at once, most gambling sites offer multi-screen options, where you can jangle between several games on a single display.

Multiple screens are a common feature in table games and slots, especially online poker. It is referred to as ‘multi-tabling.’ This feature allows you to use more than one screen to play a game, thus increasing your winning chances by basically increasing the number of pots you have access to as well as providing sufficient playtime for people looking for endless fun.

Avalanche Reels

This is a new innovative feature that was first introduced by NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest. The feature has reinvented how slot symbols appear. They have replaced the traditional spin on most games with a system where symbols fall down in a similar way Tetris-style block games work.

When you land a winning combo, all the icons in that line explode as new lines move into place, offering a free spin. You will continue getting the avalanche effect as long as you keep landing winning lines.


In the current advanced world, everything is easier and more simplified, not to forget the banking system. There are many payment service providers today, such as Skrill, Neteller, and Paysafecard, that allows you to send money conveniently from almost anywhere in the world.

Online casinos like 1xslots, which detail reviews you can find if you visit this page, were keen to take advantage of these services, which would allow customers to deposit and withdraw money from their casino accounts conveniently.

These e-wallets allow players to get digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, into their casino accounts. Bitcoin, which was introduced in 2009, is transferred directly from one person to another. The anonymity and security of cryptocurrency are what has caught the eye of many gamblers and casino operators. Some casinos have actually dedicated themselves fully to being Bitcoin-only casinos.

Other online casinos are also accepting this new currency through Neteller, with NetBet being the first online casino licensed in the UK to offer it.

Better improvement for better satisfaction

There are many other new features that improve online casinos which you can discover all by yourself. It is actually a good thing that the advancement of the technology leads to the new updates which can make everything easier for everyone. Well, at least it will not be lame till it will be forgotten as how land-based casinos have been nowadays.