Craps is one of the best games that you can play in an actual casino mainly because the atmosphere, as well as the players and the luck of the draw, make it quite an exciting one.

Las Vegas is arguably the premier strip when it comes to casinos and if you are planning to play the game of craps, read on to find out the best places you can play this game.

Cromwell Hotel & Casino

If you want to play craps and you want to win big, then there is no better place than the Cromwell Hotel & Casino. This casino is the only one that offers 100x odds on craps which is, by far, the most generous in the strip.

Most of the casinos that you can find on the Las Vegas strip would only offer you a maximum of 5x odds which is not bad by any means, but it is definitely much, much lower than what this hotel and casino offer.

The only problem that I have with this casino is that they do not offer $5 minimum anymore (they used to do this, but I guess it is a willing compromise considering the amount of money you could potentially earn).

The minimum, at least at night, is $15, though there are some people that report to having played in $10 minimum at certain points during the week.

Now, if you are gunning for the 100x odds, you’re going to have to place a $1,000 bet.
Again, you have the option to do this or not, but think about the possibilities.

Casino Royale

This used to be the premiere strip if you want to play the game of craps, but it has since been surpassed by the previous casino I’ve talked about.

However, this is the ideal place for people who want to bet only the absolute minimum and still be able to enjoy the game of craps with good potential winnings.

You could play by paying only a $5 minimum and have fun all night long, although do not expect to be winning 10s and thousands of dollars on a meager bet.

El Cortez

This is the best craps place if you are looking for a casino on Fremont Street Downtown.
El Cortez is a pretty nice casino and what’s good about this establishment is that it allows you to play a game of craps for just $3. What’s more, with a meager bet, you have the chance of backing it up 10x by placing an odds bet.

D Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

This is a pretty fun casino and the ambiance is super amazing. If you want to have a fun night, this is the place to be.

What makes the D Las Vegas Hotel and Casino amazing in terms of playing craps is that on weekdays, you can play for as low as $5, though they do increase to a whopping $25 on the weekends.

Complete beginners would be happy to know that the casino offers free lessons in the morning.