There are quite a lot of things that you need to remember when creating a website. One of those is to never take an efficient design for granted. The first impression on your website would highly depend on your web design. Whether it will be a good or a bad impression, then it depends on your strategy or your website design company.

To be able to come up with a good web design strategy, you need to familiarize yourself with efficient website design practices. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional designer to learn everything.

Below are 4 common mistakes people usually make when designing web pages.

First Mistake – Using More Than 3 Fonts

Too much visual elements in a web page can be too overwhelming for visitors. Fancy looking fonts can also add to their confusion. Use only around 3 fonts—this is a general web design practice that is followed by various professionals. It will increase your website’s consistency and readability, and can further lead to successful traffic.

Second Mistake – Not Using White Spaces

A white space, or negative space, is one of the most vital aspects of website design. It is an empty space in between website elements.  Any area in your website that has no photos, text or other design elements is considered a white space.

But what if you want to fill it in with additional content? That is a no-no. A negative space matters a lot because it can give your readers and customers a “breathing space” while browsing through your website.

Remember, too much content can push visitors away from your website. Don’t overwhelm your potential readers and customers. You need to give them room and time to breath. If including lengthy written posts is unavoidable, just follow the necessary rules in adding spaces. Make sure that your page looks crisp, cool and professional.

Third Mistake – Designing Websites With No Organized Flow

Creating websites is not just about incorporating images, icons and different elements. Every element should be positioned strategically. If you are a web design beginner, it’s not really a nice idea to experiment and explore various formats. the standard flow of your website’s sections. There should be an effective structure. By presenting all the information well, you will be able to attract more traffic.

Before finalizing your web design, grab a piece of paper and take down notes. How will you present your ideas? What’s an effective, logical flow? Make sure to take into account your potential readers and customers’ intuition and style.

Fourth Mistake – Trying to Fit in Every Bit of Information Onto Your Website

Website visitors would only stay longer if your content is easy to read, and if navigation is convenient. Putting in unnecessary elements where negative spaces should be can push your audiences away. Don’t overwhelm them with huge walls of inconsistent text. Remember to maintain only the most crucial details.

According to a study, readers only browse through 20% of your website page. All individuals outside that percentage will just scroll through the page. It’s important to keep your information concise and short.