We use search engines to pretty much find information and anything that we fancy online. We either use them to gain more knowledge about a particular subject or we use it to find certain products or services that we would like to acquire.

To simplify, search engines serve one main purpose: to satisfy the user’s intent. Search engines make use of algorithms that make that a reality for consumers who are using their platform.

Google, one of the biggest companies who also happen to have the best search engine platform in the world, is the leader when it comes to creating SEO guidelines for people to follow.

SEO is basically an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and it is a collection of techniques and strategies one would implement to help your website look good in the eyes of the different search engines (not only Google, but Bing and other popular platforms as well).

That being said, now that you know what SEO is, I will be going over some of the basics that you need to know about it.

Organic Search Results

Whenever you use Google to search for something online, most (if not all) of the sites that are placed on the first page are likely to be the ones that satisfy your intent to search.

In addition, the websites that typically rank higher are also the ones that are the most stable and secure and they do not give you any malware or other bad agents that will infect your phone or computer at all.

Two Types of SEO

There are actually two types of SEO strategies that are being implemented by people, but only one of them should be followed.

First is the White Hat SEO. This is highly recommended by SEO services and is typically the best way to go if you’re going to use SEO to help improve your website’s rankings. Basically, this is the implementation of SEO techniques that follow the search engine guidelines for best practices. There are no shady schemes, no acts of villainy or anything of that sort. Just clean, good ‘ole SEO.

Second is the Black Hat SEO which is a collection of tactics that are deemed to be harmful, and therefore, not recognized by search engines nowadays. This is just a collection of strategies that help promote a website by taking advantage of certain things just to gain the upper hand.

This includes keyword overuse, link scheming, among others. Fortunately, search engine algorithms have been vastly improved and it is programmed to never reward any black hat SEO techniques. If you use these things, you’re pretty much an SEO villain.

Main Purpose

SEO’s main purpose is just to help promote your website by ranking you higher in the search engine results page (SERPs) and help drive more organic traffic to your page.

By ‘organic traffic’, I refer to people who use search engines to find products or information and they visit some of the websites that are presented to them on their results pages.

If you have a website, you definitely have to use SEO to make sure that you somehow rank high in the SERPs.