Any good website owner will know that the title of this article is absurd. You see, everyone that is thinking about establishing an online presence knows the value that a web hosting company provides. To answer the question, yes, web hosting is really important.

What is web hosting anyway? Well, think of web hosting as a transaction between two parties: The website owner and the company that provides web hosting services.

The website owner would require a server that houses all of their website’s files so that it can be accessed online, which happens to be provided by a web hosting company.

A web host is essentially a company that has the servers that you can use for your website to be accessible online.
What, then, is the importance of choosing a quality web host? Read further to find out.

Your Website Can Be Accessed at Any Time

Have you ever heard of server downtime? For those of you who do not know, server downtime happens when a web host’s server fails for some reason and the websites that are contained in its database will not be accessible at that time. Every minute that your website cannot be accessed could potentially lead to a loss in profits and revenues on your part.

A good web hosting company is one that runs reliable servers by spending money on only the best hardware on the market to ensure reliable and consistent service.

Your Website Loads Fast

Sure, you can optimize your website’s backend and even optimize all of your media content, but without a good hosting provider, your website will not load as quickly as you’d like it to be.

Most of your page loading speeds fall on the hands of your chosen hosting provider that is why it is important that you settle only with the best.

You Will Get Your Own Email Address

If a company sends you an email with a ‘’ suffix, what will you think of that company? If you say ‘unprofessional’, then you are not wrong.

Having your own email address improves your online reputation simply because you are thinking of establishing your own presence. Think of it as your company’s brand.

That being said, the right web hosting service is one that will be able to provide your own customized email address.

Website Scalability

When you first start out, you will not get a lot of traffic so just about any web hosting service would be good at that time.

However, as soon as you become famous, you can expect more and more internet traffic coming your way. Your current plan may not suffice anymore but if you are able to buy additional bandwidth that is needed, that is the scope of scalable web hosting services.

More Secure Website

It is important for any website owner to know how important online security is. Therefore, it is a must to go with a company that knows how important it is and are implementing measures to ensure that cyber threats are kept at bay.