Using The Expired Domains for SEO

If you want to improve your website’s SEO performance as what seo specialist had been doing for all this time, take advantage of expired domains. This is one of the most efficient and untapped approaches to boost search engine optimization results.

Below are 4 effective ways to utilize expired domains for better SEO results.

4 Ways to Leverage Expired Domains

1. Private Blog Networks (PBNs)

PBNs, or Private Blog Networks, are popular approaches on leveraging expired web domains. The thing is, this is also the riskiest way to do it.

Are you still willing to use PBNs despite the risks? Then, you should do comprehensive research before finalizing your implementation.

2. PBN White Hat Alternatives

Do you think this is a better approach? The best thing about this one is that it is zero penalty risks. However, there is a catch. It requires a huge investment, since you wouldn’t need to perform any outreach.

Time investment, on the other hand, shouldn’t be a huge concern. Why? Because all other techniques will require almost the same amount of time to implement, and that it is very easy to make procedures, and outsource the methods.

3. The Merger Technique

The Merger Technique is the practice of looking for relevant expired domains which have strong web link profiles. This is a personal favorite for many, since it requires very little effort. Most importantly, it can get the best ROT and ROI. The most challenging part in this technique is finding high-quality, relevant domains.

This is one of the most effective approaches in achieving website authority. This can make a specific optimization campaign a breeze.

4. Niche Websites

This is not really a link acquisition approach. This is more like a strategy. Have you ever started a niche website? If yes, then maybe you are familiar with the sandbox effect. The sandbox effect means that Google inhibits new specific websites from performing efficiently in organic search. This will go on until they establish authority, trust and age.

If you are creating a new website, it will take months before it reaches traction. One method to bypass the sandbox effect is to begin a niche website using an expired domain. This approach is foolproof, but very effective.
How to Use Expired Domains for SEOHow to Look For Expired Domains
There are several tools and strategies to look for expired domains.

Below are 3 of the most effective ones you can utilize:

  1. Freshdrop
  2. DomCop

How to Qualify Expired Domains

Learn More About the Domain’s History

Visit, and determine the previous use of the domain you are planning to use. Ideally, the previous use of the domain was the original one.

Several blog networks are convenient and easy to identify, since the website would look very generic. Outbound links would be irrelevant, and that every content is about a different topic.

Is the domain Indexed?

Do you want to focus on expiring domains in an auction? Then, it’s crucial that the domain is indexed by Google. Other expired domains won’t be indexed. In some cases, once that specific domain becomes live once again, Google will re-index it. This will happen if the domain wasn’t used for anything questionable.

One of the easiest ways to audit a specific link profile is to understand what a quality link looks like. Quality backlinks will have at least 1 of the following qualities.

  1. It’s comes from a real website.
  2. How to Use Expired Domains for SEOIt’s comes from a closely relevant domain.
  3. It’s anchor text is sensible.
  4. Its linking domain has an authority.

Of course, you would want to feel confident your existing backlinks have a huge probability to stick. This means that there is a very low chance for it to be removed.