It’s almost that time of the year again, which also means stress for plenty shoppers looking for the right gifts or presents. Most of shoppers will start looking for gifts already, and eventually buy in the last moment.

PayPal e commerce services company published a report stating that more than half of Americans finds shopping during the holidays to be full of stress, and would rather do other tedious tasks instead.

An interactive gift guide can help your store reach its full potential

Studies show that shopping during the holidays showed large growth and will likely remain solid, which is very encouraging for ecommerce companies.

By becoming attentive to your customer’s troubles and investing in the streamlining of their shopping experience with your site, along with creating a wonderful experience using gift finder, helps your holiday campaigns stand out and making your online store the gift shopping destination to go to.

Customers need more assistance and proactivity when shopping online.

“Humanizing Digital” by SMARTASSISTANT reported 68% of customers wanted honest and personal advice while shopping on their preferred brands or retail stores, while 44% expected recommendations for products and tips while shopping online.

Companies are using gift finders to assist shoppers hunting for presents with their needs as we are entering the most profitable and busiest time of the year. Interactive gift guides increases the customer satisfaction by providing them with gift ideas and even helping the indecisive shoppers to find the gift that they want – hassle free,

So when should your holiday gift finder launch?

Your preparations need to start now as you may fall foul of leaving it too late.