People spend a lot of money on their weddings. After all, such an event only happens once in a lifetime, right? Well, not exactly. In a survey that was released back in 2017, there are a total of 51,643 cases of divorce file in Malaysia.

This is a staggering number and it tells you that not a lot of married people stay married for a long period of time (or forever). That being said, divorce attorneys all over the nation are alarmed by this and people who are contemplating on getting a divorce would have to ready their wallets because they are going to have to embark on a long journey.

In today’s article, I will talk about the average cost of a divorce in Malaysia.

How Much Do Typical Divorce Proceedings Cost?

A divorce is a long and arduous process, which means that you are going to spend a lot of your time and money hoping that the court will favor your separation with your spouse. That being said, there are two main things to take into consideration: the legal fees and the court fees.

Whenever you have to appear in the court, you will have to pay a fee and that is usually a fixed amount (which you can find out by going to the actual trial court).

Legal fees are not fixed and how much it will cost will entirely depend on how long and how complex your case is.

On that note, it will be hard to determine exactly how much you need to pay for the divorce proceedings, but it is still an important notion to think about since it will give you a general idea.

Also, keep in mind that there are differences when it comes to Non-Muslim and Muslim weddings in that the former is governed by civil law and the latter is governed by the Syariah Law.

Court Fees

As mentioned earlier, you will have to pay a certain fee in the court and this is usually asked from you when you file for a petition. As also stated, the court fees are fixed so that you can budget for this more effectively than your legal fees. That being said, here is the general pricing of court documents needed to be filed or acquired:

  • Filing for a Divorce Petition (Join or General Form of Petition)- RM 160.00
  • Filing of Statement as to Arrangement for Children (Joint or General Form of Petition)- RM16.00
  • Filing of an Affidavit in Support of Petition (Joint or General Form of Petition)- RM16.00
  • Exhibit Referred to an Affidavit, Petition, or Statement that Are Required to Be Marked- RM6.00 Each.

As to how much you need to pay for legal fees, that depends on the length and complexity of the case. When I talk about complexity, I talk about things such as financial support, division of assets, and child custody.

For divorce based on mutual consent (meaning, both parties agreed to the divorce), then you will roughly pay anywhere between RM3000-RM6000.

If it is contested, meaning that only one party wants the divorce, then you could pay a minimum of RM5000 up to RM50000 (or more).