The advantages of ecommerce for many companies can be summarized in a single statement: eCommerce can decrease costs and increase sales. Are you looking for ecommerce web development in Malaysia? You better hire seasoned professionals who can help you with efficient digital advertising. When done right, you will be able to get your promotional message out to potential clients all over the world. 

A business can utilize ecommerce to reach out to narrow market segments which are geographically scattered. The internet is specifically useful in building virtual communities, which, in turn, become ideal target markets for specific kinds of services and products.


  1. Electronic payments of public retirement, tax refunds, and welfare support cost significantly less to issue. It will arrive quickly and securely when transmitted online.
  2. Electronic payments are a lot easier to audit, and track compared to those payments made through cheque, delivering protection against theft and fraud. 
  3. eCommerce makes products and services available in several areas all over the world, even in remote areas
  4. eCommerce reduces the costs of providing price quotes, handling sales inquiries,  and identifying product availability. It also simplifies order-taking processes. 
  5. eCommerce offers customers with a vast range of choices compared to traditional commerce.
  6. eCommerce provides customers with an easy approach to customize the details in the information they obtain. 


  1. It is difficult to connect existing transaction-processing software and databases developed for traditional commerce into those tools that implement electronic commerce. 
  2. Several brands and businesses face legal and cultural obstacles to executing ecommerce tasks. 
  3. Return-on-investment is hard to calculate.
  4. Several organizations are having a difficult time retaining and recruiting employees with the design, technological and business process skills necessary to build a good ecommerce presence.