Are you familiar with delivery mode mobile commerce? It includes those mobile operations that help in spreading much-needed information, depending on consumer location or preference. Through this, businesses deliver benefits for their customers by serving them in a more personalized manner.


Mobile phone users are becoming more attached to technology. As their dependence to their smartphones grow, the more online business owners can reach out to them through mobile advertising. It’s really an efficient way to connect to more customers and target markets. However, it’s also true that mobile ads can become intrusive and complicated. Just utilize permission-based techniques, in which customers only get the advertisement if they opt-in. 

Finding Local Deals

Find ecommerce website solutions in Malaysia that can help you make the most out of special coupons and deals. Make use of deal apps that can provide people with coupons and discounts, depending on their geographical location. These apps are becoming more popular since they allow people to see deals from several businesses all at once, instead of going to individual platforms. 

Mobile Coupons

Mobile coupons are similar to local deals, only that it’s offered by bigger companies like Target and Walmart. While special and deals are available for every customer, mobile coupons would require the actual scanning of coupons from the mobile phone of the customer. This can help create ease from the frustration that comes with organizing and clipping paper coupons. 

Comparison Shopping

Mobile commerce can help in comparison shopping. Through some apps, business can send updates about their local coupons or deals. Some apps are also developed for comparison shopping. People can scan the product’s barcode, and utilize location-based data. This will show how much the products cost at nearby stores. 

Third-party Information Providers

Not all airlines offer free mobile apps to people to book fights and view flight statuses. This is because there are several third-party apps that provide people dozens of different airport maps in a single app. Accessing these third-party information providers are more convenient for them to use, instead of downloading separate apps for every airport.