Car seats are actually mandatory for all parents, especially when they have a newborn or a toddler.

In fact, you cannot go around with your baby using your car if you do not have one installed.

There are many baby car seats out there and one that you should use for your newborn up to two years of age is a rear-facing one. According to surveys, a front crash is the most prevalent and most common car crash today and if your baby sits on a front-facing car seat, their spines and their heads would cause so much damage, mainly because their heads are quite big for their bodies to handle.

When their spines get injured, it may cause some serious injuries and may possibly even lead to death as well. It is important that your newborn should be using a rear-facing car seat until such time that they are able to support their bodies really well (above two years of age).

What other things do you need to know about baby car seats?

  • It is important to note that your newborn should be riding on a rear-facing car seat for as long as possible. In fact, they may even ride it even after they reach two years of age, so long as their bodies can still fit the entire seat. Convertible seats come with weight limits. So long as they don’t reach that threshold, they can still use it. Do not worry if their legs or knees touch the back of the seat when the car seat is on its rear-facing orientation because it still won’t harm their feet.
  • Your baby’s car seat should always be installed at the back of the car. This is so that your baby will not be fatally injured in the event of a car crash and the passenger airbag pops up.
  • The car seat will come with plenty of harnesses that you can adjust to your baby’s comfort. That being said, all of the harnesses should be snugly tight to the point that you cannot pinch a fold on the harness material. The straps should always lie flat in the sense that they do not twist or sag. And, the top of the chest clip should be positioned at least at armpit level.
  • It is important that you do not put thick clothes on your baby while they’re strapped in the car seat as it may interfere with the overall tightness of the harnesses. Furthermore, do not put a blanket under the harness, but instead, put them on top.
  • If your baby’s head reaches the top of the seat, then your baby is considered to be too big for the seat itself. There should always be at least an inch between the top of your baby’s head and the top portion of the rear-facing child safety seat in order for them to be snuggly fit on the seat. If this happens, you may need to put the seat in its forward-facing orientation.