Are you planning and organizing an event anytime soon? Well, then you should also prepare a promotion strategy. Make it successful by spreading awareness effectively, and selling several tickets.

Whether you are planning to market a yearly festival or a frequently occurring occasion, you should try your best to reach your target audience, and of course, more and more people.

Here are some tips by professional event marketing companies:

1. Create buzz on social media and in the digital landscape.

Start creating buzz on social media weeks before you begin selling tickets. Make sure to post something that can create intrigue and excitement. Why not start a countdown? Post an image that contains subtle hints. You can also create teasers that can provide more event information.

2. Write a blog article about your event.

Creating new, innovative content on a regular basis will always be an amazing idea. Upon launching a new event, write something about it on your blog. You can emphasize some key points that can provide potential attendees a “feel” and overall sense of the occasion. Using captivating images can also draw more readers in. Tell them why they need to buy your event’s tickets. Then, at the end of the article, don’t forget to include the link to the ticket purchasing page.

3. Reach out to the local media.

Public relations is one of the most crucial parts of any event marketing strategy. You should invest ample effort and time in gathering press contacts, and weaving in excitement to the occasion. See to it that you have a mixture of national and local public relation contacts. This can be the starting point of your good relationship with them. Organize your contacts, then send them the press release.

4. Make the most out of your homepage.

Are you marketing a new annual event? Take advantage of your website traffic, and communicate to your audience using your homepage. Let your visitors know that it will be fun to attend your event. You can also make an awesome hero image, captivating enough to catch people’s attention. Experiment with content and colors to spread awareness regarding your special occasion.

5. Run a competition.

Running a contest is an effective way of starting a buzz and drumming up the interests of the people. If you really want to spread awareness regarding your event, you should utilize social media to communicate your event’s message. We all love the excitement of winning things, so take advantage of that to grow your email list and sell event tickets.

6. Advertise locally.

When planning and promoting an event, digital is the way to go. As a result, several people forget about the perks of promoting something via the traditional channels. Make sure to include these traditional channels in your strategy. It would help you reach a wider audience. Depending on your occasion, you can try advertising in the local papers, flyers or leaflet drops.

7. Make a sense of urgency.

When promoting an event, even the smallest details matter a lot. Before publishing something about the occasion, proofread your materials and pay the utmost attention to your wording. Focus on the event’s benefits, and encourage people to book at that very moment, while there are still slots available. Just eliminate any misleading information.

8. Reach out to bloggers.

Blogger outreach can impact your business for the better. You should know that reputable bloggers have wide audiences, and they can give you vast additional coverage. Prioritize blog advertising, and reach out to the most influential bloggers around. See to it that they have a big social media following, too.