Parenting has plenty of challenges, most especially for mothers. If you are a first-time mom, you need to prepare yourself for lots of changes in your body after giving birth. Do you enjoy shopping for baby shoes in Malaysia? Shopping for your little one is enjoyable, but don’t forget to take care of yourself. Below are some changes you may encounter in your body after giving birth. 


Pregnancy weight gain may cause varicose veins, stretch marks and spider veins. They may come less prominent as time progresses, they would most likely stick around. Leggings and compression stockings can help ease your pain from varicose veins after delivery. 

Your face

Hormone levels while pregnant can impact your facial skin, causing pigmentation, acne or dry patches. Reach out to your dermatologist if you are too concerned about breakouts and discoloration. Most likely, your physician would prescribe benzoyl peroxide, since it is the safest choice for pregnant women. 

Your hair

It’s completely normal for you to lose some of your hair, beginning when your little one is around 3 months old. During pregnancy, high hormone levels can cause you to grow a lot more hair.

Eyes and Teeth

Shifting blood volume and hormone levels while pregnant can make you a lot more susceptible to gum diseases and cavities. This is the reason why you shouldn’t skip your dental appointments. If your vision is slightly blurry, then that is also a result of hormones.

Brain and hormones

Immediately after birth, progesterone and estrogen levels may drop dramatically. This can contribute to all the baby blues or postpartum depression you are experiencing. Moreover, bonding hormone, or oxytocin, floods your entire system immediately after delivery. All of these hormones can influence each other that can impact your mood and energy. 


The bras you bought when you were still pregnant will probably be a lot smaller for a while. Immediately after giving birth, progesterone and estrogen levels may drop, and prolactin, that hormone responsible for breastmilk, starts to kick in. This typically makes your breasts larger than they were during pregnancy.