Companies make it a point to do whatever it takes to gain popularity and traction. They want to do things that will help them expand their coverage worldwide.

Although they can build a website, do some social media marketing, or even distribute some print ads, one cannot argue the value of an app when it comes to targeting a much broader audience.

Because of this, companies are looking into creating an app for their own businesses. However, there are already plenty of apps on the popular app stores, so how do you make yours a cut above the rest? Well, you can implement new trends to make it more exciting. Below are just some of the most popular trends in mobile app development in 2018.

Most smartphones nowadays now come with complementary wearable gadgets which means that there are some core functions that can be done on the gadget itself.

For instance, if you want to read messages directly on your watch instead of whipping out your phone, you can do so with the use of a companion app to synchronize data.

If you could implement this new feature in that you can do push notifications that your customers can just read on their wearable gadgets, then it would be wonderful!

Delve into AR

Smartphones have become quite amazing in that they can make use of technology that will really make our lives interesting.

Remember the popular game, Pokemon Go? It makes use of Augmented Reality, a technology where different digital elements can be “seen” in the real world. In this case, a person can spot a Pokemon in the real world and they will try to catch them.

What makes AR amazing and great to implement in your app is that it makes a world of difference. It makes the app more engaging and it can be really interesting to use.

Take Advantage of Cloud Computing

People nowadays take a lot of photos and they usually upload it to their social media accounts not only to share their moments but to also have a backup of their precious memories as well.

Cloud computing has come a long way and it is quite useful if you could include it in your app. Take advantage of what cloud computing technologies have to offer.

Depending on the nature of your business, you could utilize this to perhaps allow users to save their important files to your cloud storage service.

Connect Gadgets with IoT

We truly live in the digital age as more and more gadgets get created to make our lives better. In fact, there are appliances and gadgets which you can control using only voice commands.

An example of this would be Amazon’s Alexa or the iPhone’s Siri where they can do some things by only giving them commands by saying things to them.

If you tell your app developers to create an application, it would be nice if it could be well-integrated to the different gadgets that people have lying around their homes.


The above things I’ve discussed are just some of the trending features that you could implement to your app. Be sure to confer with your developers and ask them if they can integrate some or all of these features into your dream app.